Our Mission

Armstrong Law Firm strives to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of each client through excellent service and responsiveness. Our focus is to consistently maintain a high level of productivity, commitment to creativity and ensure effective problem-solving.

Armstrong Law Firm is an independent firm where our attorneys and legal work is widely appreciated as having the practice area expertise in matters important to California business and public agencies. Dedicated to provide effective legal representation to clients with complex problems and issues arising from work place injury situations.

Strive to enhance our value and relationships with clients by constantly challenging and upgrading the depth and breadth of our expertise concerning work place injuries and the impact of work place disabilities.

Endeavor to provide an environment in which the Armstrong Law Firm legal team is empowered and supported as each member enhances and grows their expertise and commitment to our clients in this chosen area of practice.

Manage ALF in a professional and responsible manner which will enhance our ability to serve our clients, practice law, and recruit and retain dedicated, competent and creative legal and non-legal personnel, with a diversity which is reflective of the Community in which we live and practice. ALF maintains a culture where everyone is committed to supporting the law practice of the Firm and everyone is challenged and appreciated for their talents and efforts.

Project our skills, abilities and our pride in the Firm to the legal profession, to our clients, to prospective clients, and the overall community by giving back; through writing, speaking, professional activities, and community involvement. Continually reaching out to existing and potential clients to determine their needs and monitoring our success in meeting those needs.

Reflect upon, never take for granted, and always appreciate our opportunities. The spirit of giving grounds us and reminds us that we are part of a greater community and that we have a responsibility with each other to make a difference when others need us to take a stand on their behalf. Be humble in our achievements, coupled with a spirit of giving which is generous of Heart.