Our Firm

We are Armstrong Law Firm (ALF).

We strive to be both a strategic and financial partner with our clients. From general advice to full case handling and from creative settlements to appellate litigation; we believe our clients deserve the best!

Our attorneys are embedded with innovation, efficiency, quality, and proven procedures to ensure our clients realize superior value and service.

Our competitive advantage is centered on the unique blend of our character and experience. Combined with our collaborative approach, your legal matter will receive the best attention in order to attain the most beneficial solution.

Experience. Trust. There is no doubt that both are necessary ingredients in guarding the employer’s rights. Our team has the ability to handle complex multi-party Workers’ Compensation cases. Whether it be a claim under 132a, or a charge of Serious and Willful misconduct, we put our collective experience of well over three decades to work to rigorously defend your position.

We believe that the best representation must be anchored in both an eye on quality and the highest ethical standards, anchored in both.

Repeatedly, employers and their General Counsel entrust us with their legal matters in order to navigate them through issues that may involve the interplay of Workers’ Compensation and other state and/or federal laws. For this we are humbled and grateful for this partnership.

We focus on the value created by every process and action we undertake for our clients. Bottom-line, we profit with our clients, never because of our clients.

We look forward to helping you succeed!


OUR Mission & Values


  • Is focused on consistently maintaining a high level of productivity, commitment to creativity, effective problem-solving and superior service to clients
  • Is an independent firm dedicated to impactful legal representation to California business and public agencies with complex problems and issues arising from work place injury situations
  • Endeavors to provide an environment where the legal team is empowered and supported as each member enhances and grows their expertise and commitment to our clients in this chosen area of practice
  • Is dedicated to recruiting and retaining competent, creative legal and non-legal personnel with a diversity reflective of the Community in which we live and practice
  • Is proud of our team’s skills, abilities and contributions to the legal profession, our clients, prospective clients and the overall community by giving back through writing, speaking, professional activities and community involvement
  • Reflects upon, never takes for granted, and always appreciates our opportunities. The spirit of giving grounds us and reminds us we are part of a greater community and our responsibility to each other to make a difference when others need us to take a stand on their behalf. We are humble in our achievements, coupled with a spirit of giving which is generous of Heart.